is an initiative of the St Charles Arts Council designed to create energy, excitement, and opportunities for artists to showcase and be compensated for their talent. The Arts Council encourages building owners, volunteers, art supporters, and art collectors to get involved in this program to support the arts, and encourages artists to contact the SCAC to learn about neXt gallery opportunities.

630.443.3794 or StCharlesArtsCouncil.org

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neXtgallery at ArtsFest '15

September 11 - October 4

Al DaValle, Michele Norman
Dorothy Bury Shaw , Sherry Pritz
Erin Cramer, James Negley
Erik Ohrn, Marian Corley
Kathleen M. Kamal, John Sternickle

+ 23 more artists




neXt gallery on E. Main

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November, 2015


To create an organization that serves and promotes the arts and cultural activities in St. Charles, to the mutual benefit of the arts and the community.